Saturday, February 18, 2012

So Happy

Print Friendly and PDF Oh I am so happy. MSG and Time Warner settled their spat, so now I can finally watch FUSE TV and probably pay more for my cable. Oh am I happy!!!

The only way I can avoid dealing with the results of this settlement is to cancel my cable TV subscription.

Actually, when I get a computer and TV that do integrate well enough, and when the shows I watch are all available streaming, I can then cancel my cable.  But... my cable is from the same company that supplies my internet, and my phone... if I cancel one, the cost of the other two will go up.  They got me.

I could use a different provider. I could use my local phone company with their DSL for internet. But... with DSL the internet streaming will be minimal at best, lousy at worst... got me again.

Basically, I've got a situation that could be called a "Catch-22": the solution to the problem continues the problem.  Unless... I could give up TV and read more. I already read more than most, I suspect. I started logging my reading a while back, at Library Thing.  With my Kindle I can get hundreds of classics that have been on my must-read list for years.  There is also a Kindle lending library, and the e-books from the local library. All I need to make that all work is... broadband internet. Got me again.

I guess I'll just go play golf.

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