Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon...

Print Friendly and PDF Amazon is a big company. Hard to miss. Impossible to talk to.

Monday, January 27, I ordered an item. The site said the item would be in stock January 30, and I could expect delivery by February 4th. All is good. But...

Tuesday I found the same item in a local store (Target) and about 60% the cost compared to Amazon. I bought it there, and immediately, before I even left the store, went to Amazon on my iPhone to cancel the Amazon order. But behold, I see...

Strange to see it shipping now, when it isn't supposed to be in stock. But it says I can still request cancellation! So I do.  And then I see:
But it does say, and I quote " We're preparing this order for shipment. If you'd like to cancel item(s) from this order, check the Cancel Item box next to the item(s) and click "Request cancellation." We'll do our best to cancel the item(s) selected. "
So I do.
It doesn't get cancelled.
I have gone through this cycle twice a day Tuesday, Wednesday, today.
No cancellation. No shipping. Without shipping I cannot tell UPS or FedEx to return the item since I need a tracking number, which doesn't get issued until the item is sent.
Meanwhile, my credit card has been charged.
Could this be the knew "moneymaking" limbo?  There is no way I can get a refund until the item is sent and I can get it returned.
Oh, by the way, they say that my item which has still not been sent will arrive tomorrow.

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