Thursday, May 22, 2014

Common Core is Fine, But its Application is Terrible

Print Friendly and PDF In my meanderings around the common core story, I came across a shocker. Here is one question from a snapshot of a test posted online. (the story is here and the snapshot is here)
The article this came from refers to the test as a first grade test. If that is the case, I am amazed and shocked.

Are typical first graders that good at reading? I just popped the problem into my word processor and came up with a Flesh-Kincaid reading level of 6th grade.

Here is another:
I am just a retired career math and computers teacher with BA and MA in Math and I can honestly say in my lifetime I have never seen such a question: indeed, I have never seen an addition fact referred to as a "subtraction sentence."

Back in February I posted an entry here question Pearson's role in Common Core. (It is here.)  I question their role even more now.

The two examples above are not the worst part. Question #1 is the worst, but I will let you click the link and see that for yourself.

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