Monday, June 9, 2014

A Fee? Charging potential teachers for double-checking a grade?

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If you believe that a score (not a condition code) on one or more rubrics was reported in error, you may submit a request for a score confirmation in writing. The fee is $200. Information about the score confirmation service is available on edtpa.com.
The above statement I found on the edtpa web site. Find the full page here.

This is an example of Pearson creating a process that both discourages complaints and creates cash flow all at the same time.  Whether or not you believe that evaluating new teachers should be contracted out to a foreign-based company, the job of that company is to get things correct. If and when they make mistakes, which they will, they should make financial amends to the affected individuals by refunding money already paid. They should not create a cash cow for themselves.

Speaking of edtpa, The Huffington Post has a must read written by Alan Singer of Hofstra University. His column The "Big Lie" Behind the High-Stakes Testing of Student Teachers describes many of the other issues surrounding the involvement of Pearson in the certification of New York State teachers.

The best thing that can happen in New York right now is for Pearson's involvement in anything be ended.

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