Saturday, November 29, 2014

What happened?

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Whenever I travel I try to take as many photos as I can that are worthwhile but not find-able all over the web. No sense taking pictures that have already been taken. I look for unique pictures. Even more so, I like them to be though-provoking.

This one I took while walking on a dock in St. Thomas, USVI, a bit over a year ago. I can tell you that the hat was floating, although some people to whom I have shown the picture thought I had caught it in midair. That led me to consider how we describe what we see, and how we extrapolate in the process.

Anyone who describes the hat as in midair must presume some person, or some thing, as the thrower, unless perhaps it was windblown.  Even knowing it is floating, the question could still be asked: How did it get there?

So, if I was to ask you to write the history of this hat, as best you can, how would you respond?

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