Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, er, I mean decent cable TV?

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Back on September 12 of this year Dane Wigington had an article online titled The Weather Channel Switches To Reality Shows (see it here). I do not wish to repeat it, but I will add to it the comment that this weekend the channel outdid itself. A whole weekend of "Prospectors", a show whose content I do not know and care not to know. I turn on The Weather Channel to find out about the weather. That wish is met with decreasing frequency, and this weekend almost not at all.

Finding weather on The Weather Channel is about as difficult as watching shows about travel on The Travel Channel. Perhaps I have missed something: maybe the word "travel" has now morphed into a synonym for "food", as most of its shows revolve around some unhealthy or just strange aspect of eating.

I will not even go into looking for history on The History Channel.

Maybe big business is really truly trying to dumb down society. Does intelligence scare them?

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