Saturday, March 21, 2015

March Madness: Who are the "mad" ones?

Print Friendly and PDF The NCAA March Madness begins and in a flash its ending. Thirty-two games played Thursday and Friday, with only 31 left to go.  Peter Hooley of Albany has had his Warholish "15 minutes" (In my mind he deserves more).

This all brings me back to the amazing thing about March Madness: 63 of the alleged best college basketball teams in the country end their year with a loss. Even so, teams strive for the opportunity.  I have heard that there are 351 colleges that play "Division 1" basketball (see here), and that these are the teams from which the March Madness tournament pulls its teams. So 351 teams exert their energies for a chance to be the one team out of a group of sixty four that gets to end its season with a win.

It really and truly seems that a lot of time and energy is exerted chasing this remote possibility. To quote Hilary Clinton out of context, "does it really matter?".

What I would like to see is the statistic of how many professor/teacher salaries could be paid at each of these schools for the amount that it pays its basketball coach.

Side note: NCAA rules in effect for 2014-15 limited Division 1 schools to 13 scholarships for men's basketball, but 15 for women's basketball. Interesting.

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