Monday, August 10, 2015

What Strength!!

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Here is a picture of a pair of sneakers hanging from power (or telephone) lines on a road just outside of Valatie, NY. These sneakers have been hanging there for years. At least 5 years if not ten or more. 

During these years we have had storms blow through that have knocked down tree limbs and even entire trees. Ice storms that have made birch trees bend over to touch the ground. We have had snow falls of two feet or more, driving rains that have sent water around closed windows into rooms of houses. In addition, we have had summer heat waves well into the 90's, and thunderstorms that have sent lightning to the ground with a vengeance.

Despite all these weather extremes, these sneakers have stood their ground (or wire, if you wish).

All I want to know is: What kind of laces do they have? 

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