Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Birth of an Ellipse (Revisited)

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As we begin the new year, I am revisiting one of my past GeoGebra creations. This shows how an ellipse results from tracking the midpoint as the endpoints of a segment rotate around two circles with the same center. The points rotate in opposite directions, but complete an orbit in the same amount of time. 
This is just one of my examples intending to show how topics generally left for later in high school can be introduced much earlier. This example reinforces concepts such as circle, rotation, segment, and midpoint while generating an ellipse. The equations shown in the process can be eliminated or hidden. They were included for those who wish to connect this with higher concepts in Algebra II or later.

This is also my first post to be shared with Facebook, which I have joined, at least for now.  Consider this a test!

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