Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trump or NO Trump?

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Before today, Trump has 12 primary/caucus victories (or at least pluralities).
Among them are:
New Hampshire
South Carolina
What do these 7 states have in common? They are all open primary states. Any voter from any party or even not from a party can vote.

In addition, Trump tied Kasich in Vermont, and he won in Massachusetts, where voters not registered in a party can vote.

Trump lost these states:
What do these states have in common? They are not open primary states.

In this chart, the states that went for Obama in 2008 are listed in bold. Red font indicates states where Trump did worse than Romney in 2012.

Trump Wins
Trump Loses
Nevada 45%
Louisiana 41%
Kentucky 36%
South Carolina 33%

Maine 33%
Iowa 24%
Alaska 34%
Oklahoma 28%
Kansas 23%
Alabama 43%
Arkansas 33%
Georgia 39%
Massachusetts 49%
New Hampshire 35%
South Carolina 33%
Tennessee 39%
Virginia 35%
Vermont -tied 33%
Texas 27%
Minnesota 21%

Take note: the highest Trump percentages were in Nevada and Massachusetts, both of which were Obama states in 2008. In addition, Trump out-polled Romney in 9 so far, but did worse in 9 as well.

It does not look like Trump is blowing the filed away. Perhaps he can just pack up and fly away.

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