Sunday, January 29, 2017

A few thoughts to ponder....

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Here is a question from the New York January 2017 Regents Exam in Algebra II (Common Core).
Please read it carefully, then answer some questions below.

1) How many rabbits were there four weeks ago?

2) What do t and P(t) have to do with it?

3) Suppose a student thought as displayed in this chart. Would they get it right?
5 rabbits
in 28 days
10 rabbits
in 56 days
20 rabbits
in 84 days
40 rabbits
in 112 days
80 rabbits
In 98 days
Between 40 and 80

On a different note, here is question 21. Read it carefully, then answer a couple questions below.
1) Can you tell me who gets away with no credit card payments for 73 months? Could I stretch it out another 300 months?
2) If this is supposed to be a "real world" question, can you tell me what world that is?

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