Sunday, March 26, 2017

Be creative in your use!

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Here is a sketch that could basically be used with any grade, from a visual with elementary students, to a "can we make it ourselves" with middle school students, to a model for exploration for upper levels.

With an elementary class, I would leave out all the text, and create a step-by-step show, from first circle to tangent line to second circle to midpoint to trace, but not using sophisticated language. With middle school students I would use the basic geometric language and do a step-by-step as well. Upper students who are familiar with Geogebra could be shown the graphic and asked to recreate it. Those unfamiliar could be guided through it. Precalculus students could be challenged to determine an equation that could be graphed on a graphic calculator.

Adjustments to the file are easily made.

The main point is that this technology should not just be used as crutch with old curricula, but should also be used as an avenue for new approaches to mathematics education.

The complete file can be found here.

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