Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pictures worth 1000 words.

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Last week I happened to see a car in Vienna with mathematics all over it. Due to a lot of pedestrians the best picture I could take was of the spare tire case. This picture was taken right near a jewelry store and a Bitcoin store, so in my mind a Tom Clancy novel could start with it. The Casino Wien is just around the corner, the Hotel Sacher is a block away (Sacher of Sacher torte fame). The Vienna Opera is across the street from the Hotel Sacher. The options for starting a novel of intrigue are plentiful. (I erased out the license plate for the privacy of the car owner, although I would question anyone driving a Mercedes covered in math who had a desire for privacy.)
Here is another picture taken, this time in Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. I believe a middle school math lesson could be constructed around these buttons, starting with the task of placing the buttons in numerical order. For some reason the U.S. seems to avoid negative numbers in elevators, let alone decimals. Could there be a greater comfort level with numbers over there "across the pond" than here at home?

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