Monday, January 2, 2012

The Giants Win!! The Giants Win!!

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[Disclaimer: most of this may seem to relate more to east-coasters than west-coasters. Please remember, however, that a lot of what east-coasters watch on TV is made by west-coasters.]

The Giants did pull off a victory last night to get them into the playoffs. Thankfully, although it was a night game, the next day is not a school day, so kids could watch without cutting into needed sleep time.

When it comes to night games, I have two issues.

My first issue is that there are far too many of them. All of our sports leagues need to keep replenishing their fan bases, which, to me, shows a need to cater to the young. I do remember the days when I would rush home from school so I could catch a World Series game. The memories of some of today's young will involve going to school groggy due to staying up late watching an overly-long advertisement-stretched game ending at midnight or after. The rest of today's young will have missed the game. Are either of these effects beneficial?

My second issue regarding night games has to do with the NFL and its night games. The vast majority of those night games occur on Sunday and Monday nights, at the beginning of the traditional work week. Many fans who watch these games will begin the work week tired. Why not have these night games at then end of the week? Why not Friday and Saturday?

I know that these two issues are not new, but, nonetheless, they are important. They might also be indicative of some of the unspoken thoughts behind the "occupiers". It might be an easy way to make a change that has a positive influence without immediately supporting the "bottom line".

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