Sunday, January 1, 2012

A "New" Year's Resolution

Print Friendly and PDF I would not like to count the number of times I began a new year with the intent of making some key change in my life: adopting a new hobby, stopping an old habit, etc. (Don't all New Year's Resolutions relate to either a "start" or a "stop"? Do they ever begin with the words "I resolve to continue...")

My intention this year is to write. I won't call it a New Year's Resolution because that is the death knell of change. Let's just call it an urge. For the past twenty years my wife and I have been collecting chapter titles for my great American novel. Out of the hundred and fifty or so we have identified, we remember about a dozen, and actually wrote down seven. Not a good track record for someone who wants to write.

Acknowledging the old adage about baby steps, or maybe it's about crawling before walking, I decided that actually writing my blog could be a powerful first step. So now I start. Again.

Who knows. Tonight the Giants play the Cowboys. Loser goes home, winner is in the playoffs. I might just have something to write about tomorrow.

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