Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Talk about a fun day...

Print Friendly and PDF Yesterday I had the pleasant experience of removing an old toilet and replacing it with the latest new model. During my mid-day break I had the opportunity of spending an hour in a dentist's chair.  The dual experience was definitely a first for me, although I must admit I had some familiarity with the dentist's chair already.

While installing the new tank on the john I had the thought that some people must have had the task of installing the johns in a hotel like MGM in Vegas.  Over 6000 of them. Makes me glad I spent my career in a classroom.

My big question of the day was this: Is that really beeswax that I used?  I may never know for sure, but it did have me looking at a web search, and I found a related issue regarding getting beeswax to use in wood finishes (see here).

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