Friday, March 2, 2012

Teacher? Trainer? Huh?

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 This is a short one.

Consider this statement: "One can be taught when to add, but one must be trained how to add in the decimal number system." Do you agree with it? dispute it? believe it? disbelieve it?

Is there a difference between teaching and training?

Can excellent teachers be lousy trainers?
Can excellent trainers be lousy teachers?

Which is more important in a high school chemistry class, teaching or training?
Which is more important in a high school chemistry lab, teaching or training?

Is the club pro at a golf course a teacher or a trainer?

Do you want your Congressman (or Congresswoman) to be well trained or well taught?

Do you want your defense attorney to be well taught or well trained?

Can you be taught how to deal with a new unique situation? Can you be trained how to deal with such a situation?

Is a person trained to be a good teacher, or taught to be a good teacher?

Questions such as these are rarely discussed in our public media. Just about every day you can come across stories regarding teachers, teaching, trainers, teacher trainers, etc.

I am putting together a list of things to read before I answer any of the above questions publicly. This morning's additions to that list are from the web, listed at the bottom. The top link is a new favorite, since it is titled "50 teachers trained to teach software development". I just wonder why it didn't say "50 teachers taught to teach software development" or "50 teachers trained to train software development" or... You get the idea.


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