Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GOP does it again

Print Friendly and PDF So the Senate voted down the proposed United Nations act regarding disabled people. The 61 votes for included all Democrats plus seven Republicans. The 38 opposing votes included all other Republicans. There was one abstention.

Two issues come to mind.
First, with the exception of the 7 crossovers, the vote was again a strict party split. I cannot imagine that these 100 individuals would all have voted this same way if it was a blind vote.  This party divide has apparently stopped our government from properly functioning. Something has to change in this regard.
Second, the GOP said that it was afraid of giving the UN too much power over the US's internal affairs regarding the disabled.  If only it would be so! Can you imagine the UN exhibiting greater concern over individual rights than the US? Think about it!

I am beginning to think that it is time for giving birth to a new political party in this country. Anyone game for giving it a try? Drop me a line.

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