Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Have You Ever Been Deceived?

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Eat Forever!!
Here is a graphic that could easily explain our tax situation here in New York state.

If you look closely, you see that a way has been found to take an item (in this case a candy bar), divide it into 20 pieces, rearrange those pieces into the same candy bar, and have a piece to eat as well.

Now, you may say, "that is not possible!"  To which I could reply that at a time in history a spherical earth was also considered impossible.

You could say that this defies all the rules of logic as we know it. To which I could reply, do we really know logic.

Now, the idea the whole being more than the sum of its parts has been around for a long long time, at least going back to Aristotle.  Could it be that Hershey has proved it?

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12 or 13?
Here is another case where people seem to appear out of nowhere (or disappear to nowhere) for no apparent reason.

I would like to think that all of you out there believe that both this pictures are illusions of things that are really and truly impossible.  But I do not know that.

In color here you can see an illusion where a white square seems to be unaccounted for. An Algebra 1 student should be able to rectify this situation. At least they should have the mathematical tools necessary.

We should all be aware that only the conscious mind can reason its way through such illusions. We fall victim to illusions all the time without even knowing it.
Here is one that is great. I remember it whenever I hear stories better known as "eyewitness accounts. 

What brings all this to mind is that as a culture we are so willing to admit the existence of optical illusions and so willing to admit that we can get tricked, yet when it comes to politics we are so convinced that we are correct and that others are deceived or ignorant.

More later...

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