Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NY Times Cancellation Torture

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Today I went on the web to cancel my NY Times digital subscription. I decided it was no longer worth the cost. So I went to the web and logged on and clicked on "cancel subscription".

That is where I saw the message that in order to cancel I had to call a special number.

I called. Ten minutes on hold. Then silence.

I called again. More time on hold. More silence.

I then looked for "customer care" on line and found a different number. I called, played the phone tag, and got forwarded. This time I was told the wait would be 9 minutes. I waited.

A gentleman came on the line. I had to give him my email address so he could enter it. I told him what I wanted to do. Twice he wanted to put me on hold so he could talk to a supervisor about a better rate. Twice I had to tell him I was calling to cancel, not get a better rate. He then proceeded to ask me about how I was using the subscription. Twice he tried. Twice I had to tell him that was irrelevant, as I was calling to cancel.

Finally, a full 45 minutes or more after my first attempt at calling, the message got through and he went to cancel my subscription.

I was about to cancel my subscription to the NY Times crossword, but I had an "aha" moment: My credit card expires before my next renewal date. This time they will have to come to me, and then I can be the one in control!

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