Tuesday, April 12, 2016

From 2 Circles: A Little Magic

Print Friendly and PDF Things that would be next to impossible with the old "chalk talk" become quite teachable using GeoGebra. That is not to say that files like this can be made by young students: rather, their teachers can use files like to help students discover math!!

With precalculus students I would aim to give them specific circles, and ask them how they can use those circles to pinpoint an equation for the ellipse.

With 8th grade students I would use a file such as this to embed in their brains some basic geometry and basic geometric vocabulary. I might even give them a graph paper with two circles drawn, a compass, protractor, and straightedge, and ask them to recreate this process by hand.

Same file, same subject, totally different strategies. GeoGebra, creativity, and time: the key ingredients..

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