Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Citizenship at conception?

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I have just been reading the GOP platform as posted here.

One part I find completely befuddling. The GOP has tied its entire anti-abortion stance to the 5th Amendment's reference to "life, liberty, and property".  The section of the platform is entitled "The Fifth Amendment: Protecting Human Life", yet is entirely about abortion. 

If they wish to take that stance, they had better be prepared to support and/or accept and/or 'deal with"the following (list incomplete):

  • tax dependency status for all unborn children, starting at conception.
  • "conception certificates" validating location of conception in the event that the child(ren) are born in a different country
  • the need for other countries to adopt similar "conception certificates", as the "anchor baby" issue will probably move from country of birth to country of conception.
  • citizenship at conception
  • the counting of unborn children in the census and the impact on apportionment, etc.
  • legal issues when pregnant mother is imprisoned (as innocent fetus ought not to be imprisoned)
  • airlines, restaurants, and other such industries charging more for pregnant women, as they are not individuals, but rather are legally 2 (or more) people.
Again I sense a party that has run to a position in order to gather votes without thinking of the overall impact of such a position.  All political parties adopt positions in order to get votes, which makes it very difficult to determine what the politicians really think, because it is their real day-to-day thinking 9or lack of it) that controls their daily actions.

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