Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Do you know the state capitals?

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It appears to me that when many people hear the name "GeoGebra" they respond with a "what?" and when you indicate it is a combination of "geometry" and "algebra" they immediately categorize it as something from mathematics.


GeoGebra can be used in many non-mathematical ways, but I must admit that behind any computer application is the world of symbolic logic, which is hard-core mathematics. I guess if you are reading this, you are using mathematics, whether you want to or not.

Here is  a quickie that I put together this morning that would most likely not be used in a mathematics classroom. The possibilities are endless. Restricting GeoGebra explorations to just math teachers and math students will do nothing but strengthen "the Wall" that exists between mathematics and the rest of the world.

A couple of years ago I put together a file dealing with the states and a map, which you can find here). As of today that file needs some tweaking to make it work with the latest html coding standards, but it gives the idea anyway. Enjoy!

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