Thursday, August 4, 2016

Math is Fun

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Although I could fill pages with comments on the 2016 US presidential campaigns, I choose this time to stick with my GeoGebra efforts.  Here is a file I wish I could have used when I was in the classroom. Using basic geometric concepts out of any high school geometry class (circles, rotations, segments, midpoints) it targets a graphing question which would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to introduce without dynamic geometry. Anyone can experience it, even "math-haters".

This file (find it here) took around an hour to create, but has the benefit of reuse.  It only needs to be created once. By posting it as a public file, anyone anywhere with access to the web can use it.

I hope people do use it, and come to appreciate how, properly used,  programs such as Geogebra can transform and revitalize the classroom. 

Remember: math is a game. Go out and have some fun!

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